Tentative Life List end of Trip

As we depart for home on the first day of return travel with leaden legs and tired eyes I started to combine the trip list with our Life List. The tentative new Life… Continue reading

Trip List / Last New Species

Well we just ended our last day of birding on our tour of the Gulf Shore and Rio Grande Valley. Our last new species was the Clapper Rail on Dauphin Island. We were… Continue reading


Spoonbills remind me of a character from Alice in Wonderland

Last Days in Texas Day 2

We awoke in the morning at the cramped and tacky B&B, mom described the decor (gawdy romantic since they stayed in the honeymoon suite). I got up at my usual a bit before… Continue reading

Last Days in Texas Day 1

Well our time in Texas has come to an end. After visiting Aransas NWR near Rockport, TX we headed to Bolivar Peninsula, TX to bird Anahuac NWR (pronounced Anna Wack) and the High… Continue reading

Mom and Dad

Birdies South Texas

Here are a few of the birds I shot day 2 of the South Texas Mission area leg of the trip. These were captured at Casa Santa AnaB&B  feeder or Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley… Continue reading

Aransas NWR

We went to Aransas a bit late in the season to see any Whooping Cranes (Whoopers), Mom, T and I were hopeful, Dad had doubts. Most of them left awhile back and there… Continue reading

Casa Santa Ana (138 species mark)

We left the Brownsville area to head west to stay at a great bed and breakfast for birders called Casa Santa Ana Bed and Breakfast . The hosts John and Judy and their… Continue reading


Grackles are always good for a laugh, especially when they prance into my shots and demand attention.